C & M Electric, Inc.

Kaufman Area: 972-932-8504

East Texas Area: 903-498-2999

 Fax: 903-498-5444




"Job was done faster than expected- Even after a storm hit our area, I understood the reason for the reschedule. At first I was upset, but understood the needs other Texans had. I was shocked at how my small job was treated as a big job. Service was friendly and fast with great communication. Thank you."

“After purchasing my home, I felt overwhelmed by the electrical issues that were needed. C&M worked with my insurance company every step-of-the-way, they handled my claim and phone calls! I've never experienced such care in my life. Now with the new room addition, I have power when making my home safe. I am so thankful for the professional service of C&M Electric!”

"Thank you for putting our minds to ease, we will continue to recommend your company- we started using C&M for our home needs after a major storm. Thanks for your help with our new business too."



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"The electricians even took their shoes off when entering our home, I couldn't believe it! On top of that, the construction area was left cleaner than when they arrived. You just don't see this type of care anymore!"

"My wife and I were very impressed with the quality of care to our issues and frustrations. It's nice to have peace of mind when service workers came to our home."